NealDA – Bloomington, Indiana, United States

“Twain drives the shuttle as well leading the ride (along with Jose)and taking photos with the clients’ own phones. He picked us up from our resort on time and made one additional stop to pick riders at another resort. We drove through a fairly heavy shower getting to the stable- Twain was already offering to let us reschedule our ride if the rain kept up. Fortuitously, the rain stopped as we were only a couple km from the stable. Short turnaround time getting onto the horse, maybe 10 minutes. Twain does tremendous photo work with the phone camera, getting us from many angles and taking video clips. There were a total of about 45 photos on my phone afterwards, although many similar, so will probably edit them down to 5-10. There were only a total of 2 couples on the ride, though so maybe some days he can do fewer photos. Downsides may be that the ride is too short for some, only had about 30 – 40 minutes on the horse. Also I’m no horseman but there was more jostling on the this ride than others I’ve done. They expect you to control the horse fairly closely, the 2 ladies on the ride were a bit uneasy about this, at least initially. Twain also gives some good local knowledge regarding restaurants and other facets of T and C. So all things considered a really positive experience, and worthwhile.”