Our office is open year-round including weekends (Not Sundays) and holidays with the exception of Christmas day. If a holiday falls on a weekday, our weekend hours apply. On weekends (Sat ), we have at least three ride times to choose from year-round.

No minimum number of riders is required to book a ride at our farm. We will take you even if you are just one individual riding with one of our guides.

Reservations may be made over the phone by calling (649)245-0707/941-3306 or by submitting the reservation form online.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your reservation request. It is rare that we are unable to accommodate your request for a given date and time. However, if we are unable to satisfy your request, you will be notified via email if you need to select a different time. We sometimes add additional ride times to accommodate everyone wanting to ride on a given day to avoid having the rides get too large.

Ideally, you should make your reservation at least a day or two prior to the day you’d like to ride. Advance reservations help to ensure that you are able to ride the day and time you’d prefer. However, you can make same-day reservations provided you give us at least 2 hours’ notice to allow us time to get your horses saddled, so they will be ready for you when you get here. We only saddle the horses we need since there’s no need to saddle horses that won’t be ridden. Also, we need to know the ages and sizes of our riders before you get here so that we can saddle the right horses with appropriately sized saddles.

If you make same-day reservations via email, be certain that you receive a confirmation from me, Rachel Handfield, confirming your reservation. If not, you should call (649)245-0707 to ensure that I have seen your reservation. So to avoid having to wait unnecessarily, be sure that we are aware of your reservation. Even then, it takes us 45 minutes to an hour to get you prepared to ride, because we have to have you sign a Release From Liability form, collect the balance of your payment, get helmets on all the children riding on their own and any adults who wish to wear one, give a brief 10-minute riding demonstration, assign your horses, help you up onto your horses, adjust your stirrups, make sure your saddles are tight, and offer the horses water as they hit the trail head.

You’re welcome to bring a camera to capture memories of your tour.

$40 Deposit Required For Reservations.

In order to hold a reservation, your $40 deposit must be received in advance. Deposits are nonrefundable, so please be certain that you wish you ride when you make a reservation. If you need to reschedule for any reason (weather, illness, or even convenience), we’re happy to reschedule your ride for you and apply your deposit to the new reservation provided at least 2 hours’ notice is given. If you fail to show up or are more than 30 minutes late for your scheduled ride, you will forfeit your deposit.

If you choose to submit your reservation request online by filling out the Reservation Form, you will then need to submit your deposit. If you choose to submit your deposit on our website using Paypal, you will need to return to this page after submitting the Reservation Form if you choose “Submit Request” on the Reservation Form. Alternatively, you can choose the “Buy Now” button when submitting the Reservation Form, and it will allow you to submit your reservation request and pay the deposit via Paypal in one easy step.

Option 1: Use The Paypal Payments Feature On Our Website

You don’t have to be a Paypal member to use the Paypal Payments feature. It will allow you to use a credit or debit card to submit your deposit securely online. You will receive confirmation of your deposit from Paypal immediately, and you’ll receive a confirmation of your reservation from us within one day of your submission. To help keep our costs and prices down, we request that the balance be paid in cash. Remember, you don’t have to be a Paypal member to use the Paypal Payments feature below.

Simply click on the Paypal Payments button and then choose one of the following options: Login to my Paypal Account or Pay with Debit or Credit card.

Option 2: Call Us With Your Credit Card Details

We accept Mastercard and Visa by phone for the deposit, and no processing fee will be billed to you. However, if you choose to pay the balance using a Credit or Debit card, we will add 4% to your balance. As a small business, we cannot absorb the costs that the credit card companies assess on the full amount. Call (649) 245-0707 if you wish to use a credit card over the phone for your deposit.