Our Horses


All of our horses are mixed Paso Fino from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The Paso Fino came to Santo Domingo with Christopher Columbus to be used as Conquistadors Mounts throughout the 1500s. Our horses were trained as trail horses in Puerto Plata.


He is a five year old gilding. He stands at 15 hands. He knows that he is handsome and he is proud of his good looks. His mother is from Panama but he was born in Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic.


This gilding is a spirited fella. He likes to gallop on the beach. He stands at 15 hands. He is the brother of Principe. He was born in the Dominican Republic to a Panamanian mother.


He is our most mature horse. He is stallion born in the Dominican Republic. He has more than ten years experience as a trail horse. He stands at 13 hands. He is calm and confident on the trail. He loves to lay in the water once he reaches the beach for the morning tour.


This stallion in five years old. He is the showman on the trail because of his white color. He loves children. He stands at 13 hands but he is still growing. We call him the white Ferrari. He is a native of Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic.


This four year old gilding is the teenager’s choice because of his size and his affectionate nature. He stands at 14 hands. He usually follows the pace of the other horses on the trail. He is also from the Dominican Republic where he was trained as a trail horse.


He is a five year old Stallion. He stands at 14 hands. He is a bit shy. However, once he is on the trail he stays at the back of the other horses and he rides comfortably. He is not a lover of water. He prefers to walk on dry ground.


We call him the Cadillac of our stable because of his Paso Fino gait. He stands at 14.5 hands. On the trail he likes to be out front. Once he is on the beach he likes to canter or gallop. He is five years old and was born in Puerta Plata, Dominican Republic.